4 comments on “Long Term Food Storage

  1. I have yet to use one OA or mylar bag and I’ve been storing in buckets for 5 years.
    Seems a waste of space and that bucket cost may mean the ability to buy a bag or two of beans when hunger is rampant.

    • Thanks again, JayJay!
      Yes, there is some lost space when using the smaller mylar bags in a five gallon bucket. I could opt for a five gallon mylar bag and have it fill the bucket quite well. I went with the smaller ones to minimize the possibility of sealing failures during use.
      If I understand your comment correctly, you’re saying that the amount of space lost to the small mylar bags could leave you short on beans when the time comes. I don’t see the cost of buckets as a deterrent to having enough. There are so many sources of getting food grade buckets! If the amount of space lost in my system becomes an issue, then the reason I’m using the buckets has lasted longer than anticipated. That could end up being true for any storage system though.
      We “plan” the best we can for What If and the nature of What If is that we can never adequately “plan”. We can’t predict the future, only do the best we can to Get Ready.
      Thanks very much for your feedback!

  2. You don’t need masking tape for that labeling. Nail polish remover takes it right off easily.
    I label all my mason jars with sharpie. Yes, I write on the glass and lids.

    • Thanks, JayJay! Part of the reason I use the masking tape is nothing is permanent. While nail polish remover can be an option, changing out the masking tape is far quicker, less potentially messy and far less toxic (I can’t stand the smell of it!). All of my surfaces are plastic and even a food grade plastic has some porosity, especially to ink.
      Thanks for your feedback!

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