2 comments on “The Saturn and The Trailer

  1. Hi,Mark! I told you I drive a truck for a living,it’s a carhauler.My 5th wheel sits behind the tractor and is about 5 inches off the ground,the taillight boxes and rear end is about a foot.Got to be real careful around inclines,potholes and curbs,so I don’t rip off a rear bumper of a car or bellyout somewhere!That’s embarrassing! If you really want a challenge as well as some fun,use your or borrow a garden tractor to move your trailer around with. years ago ,I had my Dad laughing like crazy at me when I tried to back a dump trailer with a 10 horse Cub Cadet.You call yourself a truck driver! Happy Trails!

    • Thanks, William! I have over the years considered truck driving as a career, but I like my bed too much! 😉

      Great insights though, I never considered all those cars I’ve seen hanging out the back of a mobile parking lot.

      Looks like this weekend might be my time to practice. I’ll head over to the middle school since there shouldn’t be anyone there. I might even try to set up the video camera! lol

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