2 comments on “Trailer Security, Tools and Trunk – Part 3

  1. A great job on the tutorial. The idea for the box is great. Make it so you can also take it apart easily then you have some additional building materials at the BOL for a shelter. I would recommend you make it with Tee nuts so that you use bolts or machine screws. This way you always have metal to metal. If you use wood or deck screws, you will wear out the holes. I am working on buying an old camper trailer to convert into a hauling trailer.

    • Thanks, Greg! Yes, it won’t be a permanent installation. I like being able to reach over into the bed of the trailer. The walls would make that difficult at best! Unless, I’m cleaning up a yard and heading to the county disposal site. lol

      When I get around (in the budget) to purchasing the plywood, all the plans will be posted. Along with the failures. I believe it’s important to share the failures as well, and I anticipate them. Spending 30+ years as a computer geek means I’m in a whole new world now!

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